Dubai Metro Parking

There are three dedicated car parks for the Dubai Metro which you can use as long as you also use public transport at the same time (by validating your Nol card). If you don’t validate your Nol card on entry then you may be charged for using the car parks at the rate of 10 dirhams per hour, with a maximum of 50 dirhams per day.

On entry to the car park you should use your silver or gold nol card to validate your parking. At the end of your travelling your nol card will once again be validated on exit and charged if necessary.  If you do not have a silver or gold nol card you can take a red nol ticket at entry and you must use that for travel before paying at the car park payment machines on exit if a payment is due.

The Dubai Metro parking options are as follows:

there is dubai metro parking at centrepoint metro station

Centrepoint Metro Station

The first car park is at Centrepoint station which is at the end of the red Line in the Rashidiya area (in fact the station used to be called Rashidiya but this was changed in 2021 to Centrepoint who now sponsor the station).

There are 3000 spaces at this car park.

You can’t park overnight at the car park so it is only valid for journeys during the day using the Metro. If you park there overnight or do not validate your Nol card then you could be subject to a fine.

Jebel Ali Metro Station

The second large car park that is attached to a metro station is at Jebel Ali station. This station used to be called Nakheel Harbor and Tower until it was renamed in 2020. This is not to be confused with the station at the end of the red line which used to be called Jebel Ali.

Again the same rules apply for parking and possible fines.


Etisalat Metro Station

This car park has 3000 spaces for users of the metro.

There have been some changes to the usage of the car parks recently and these are still ongoing. This means that you can use the car parks if you are not using the metro but you will need to pay. The rate is 10 dirhams per hour (max 50 dirhams per day) and you can also buy passes for annually or half yearly.

There are also other options for Dubai metro parking – there are car parks that are attached to malls that could be used – however, those have their own rules and you can sometimes only park for a few hours in them. Some malls that are on the metro that have their own car parks are: Mall of the Emirates, City Centre and Dubai Mall.

You may also be able to find other car parks nearby metro stations that you can pay to park at but the only 3 free stations are the 3 mentioned above. The RTA does lay on a lot of buses that are linked to the metro and encourages riders to use those.