Green Line to Open 9 September 2011

The RTA have confirmed the date for the opening of the Dubai Metro Green Line which is 9th September 2011, co-inciding with the anniversary of the opening of the Red Line on 9 September 2009. The Green Line will be inaugrated by his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum as was the Red Line.

The Green Line consists of 18 stations, of which 16 will be opened on 9 September. The remaining two stations (Al Jadaf and Creek), although completed, will not be opened for the time being as the residential areas surrounding them are not completed so it is deemed that there is not a need for them at this time. To check out the stations that will be open, see the Dubai Metro Map.

The wait for the Green Line to open has been long, but it is anticipated that this will now increase the amount of commuters on the Metro significantly. Passengers will be able to travel on both red and green lines without leaving the system and without having to go above ground, as the 2 interchange stations, Union and Khalid bin al Waleed, are underground.

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