Chaos on Dubai Metro Over Eid

As Eid approached and people got ready to go out and celebrate, the mass crowds seemed to put too much pressure on the Dubai Metro system and it stopped working between Karama and Business Bay. Employees at the stations told passengers there were technical problems but no official word came from the RTA on their website or their twitter feed.

One of the passengers on the Dubai Metro tweeted that two of the trains had come very close to colliding and said that the train they were on had to be moved manually. Although the trains are driverless, they do have manual controls at the front that can be used to override the system. Whether there was any danger to passengers is yet to be confirmed by the RTA.

Passengers had to use feeder buses that had been laid on between the two stations but although this did start to move the passengers to where they wanted to go, it was nowhere near as quick as the Metro itself would have been and so queues of people spent at least half an hour waiting for the buses.

Many people took to their cars instead and traffic on the roads was at a usual Eid high.

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