Public Transport Day – 1st November

In a repeat of last year, the RTA are again holding a day of free public transport for users of the Dubai Metro, RTA buses and all other forms of public transport. In what now looks like an annual event to celebrate the launch of the RTA (6 years ago), anyone can travel on public transport for free on 1st November as long as they have a Nol card.

The initiative last year saw large increases in the number of people using the Dubai Metro and it is expected that the same will happen this year. In fact with the opening of the Green line last month, it is likely that the number of travellers on the Dubai Metro will be the highest number to date.

So, if you haven’t yet tried the Dubai Metro or even any other of the country’s public transport systems, and want to get a feel of what it might be like to use it to commute to work or just to go to a few of the malls, then 1st November is the perfect day to take it for a ride and leave those car fumes behind!

The RTA are making this an annual event and hoping to get even more people to use public transport which in any case is very cheap compared to many other countries. Even though the roads are much quieter than they have been in preceding years, the idea is to get as many people using public transport as possible in the coming years.

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