Half Price Blue Nol Cards

The RTA has announced that Blue Nol cards will be available at half price until 29th February. The blue nol card is personalised to the holder and gives additional benefits particularly to students and OAPs. In addition if you lose a blue Nol card you can get it replaced.

Blue Nol cards usually cost 70 dirhams which includes a 20 dirham credit for fares but the discount offer gives you a blue Nol card for 35 dirhams. However, the discounted card has no fare credit attached.

Another thing you should note is that if you buy your blue Nol card online, the usual price of 70 dirhams will apply. You can buy the card online and have it delivered to your home (you will need a credit card, an ID card and a personal photo). In order to get the discounted card you will need to buy it at Metro or Bus stations.

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