Longer Opening Hours on Friday?

So there have been recent reports that the RTA is having a review of the Dubai Metro services. Now that the metro has been running for two and a half years (the red line at least) a lot of data has been gathered by the RTA and this can now be analysed.

Where in the past it was the priority of the RTA to get the green line up and running and to make sure all of the stations were completed (even if a few are still not open), now comes the time to think about making some upgrades to the overall Dubai metro experience.

One of the key facts that has been a bugbear of metro users over the last few years is the matter of Friday opening hours. When the metro first started the first train on a Friday was at 2pm. It has since been brought forward to 1pm but this still does not appease those that wish to use the Metro on a Friday morning. For many people this is their only day off and they want to go out and do things and not wait until early afternoon to do so. The malls open in the morning so for people without a car it seems crazy that the metro does not also open on a Friday morning.

Although it may be some times until the changes are made we just have to hope that the RTA take on board the opinions of the masses and give us longer opening hours on a Friday.

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