New Red Line Station to Open 12/12/12

In keeping with the usual habit of using memorable dates to open Dubai Metro stations and other connected projects, on 12 December 2012 one of the two remaining Dubai metro stations that has not yet opened, will be open to the public. This will be a great relief to the many people who work in the Jebel Ali Industrial area as it is finally that station that will open, 3 years after the first red line stations opened on 9/9/09.

However, the Jebel Ali Industrial station will not open under that name, as recently the naming rights were sold to the Danube Group in a continuation of the RTA offering up the stations for private company sponsorship. Danube station, as it will now be called, is expected to be used by many thousands of commuters every day whether they live or work in the JAFZA freezone which the station will serve. It is hoped that there will be a number of feeder buses, as there are with other Metro stations, that will help disperse passengers into JAFZA.

This is the second Metro station serving the Jebel Ali area (the other is Jebel Ali itself) and brings the total number of stations open on the red line to 28 of the 29 total (Energy station is the only one that has not opened yet).

If you are going to benefit from the opening of the new station please let us know your thoughts on this below.

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