Dubai Metro is FREE Tomorrow (Wednesday 13th Feb)

Take advantage of the fact that it is free to travel on the Dubai Metro tomorrow (Wednesday 13th February 2013). This is because it is part of the RTA’s annual car free day initiative that tries to get more people to use public transport.

Every year for the last 4 years, the RTA has held a car free day and this year it falls on 13th February. Many large organisations and Government departments participate in the initiative which sees them closing their car parks so that employees have to find some other way to travel in to work.

This year for the first time the RTA are asking people who participate in the car free day to register their details on a website. This is so that they can tell how effective the day is and how many people actually stop using their cars. If you want to take part you can register here:

Regardless of whether you usually use a car or not, the Dubai Metro will still be free to all on Wednesday, so make the most of it and if you have not tried it before then give it a go.

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