Women’s and Children’s Carriage Extended in Peak Hours

The special carriage reserved for women and children only on Dubai Metro has proven to be very popular and is often packed out in peak hours. In light of this the RTA have reviewed the situation and have decided to increase the size of the women and children only area from one carriage to one and a half carriages between the hours of 7-9am and 5-8pm  Sunday to Thursday.

This change was welcomed wholeheartedly by the ladies of Dubai who use it. One Dubai Metro user commented:

“This is a great idea, often the women’s carriage is packed really tightly and many who perhaps need to sit, aren’t able to. Extending the carriage makes a lot of sense.”

The Dubai Metro has been running for 5 years and the RTA continues to make improvements to the network and the way that it is run. Sometimes it seems slow to make these changes but they are all considered over time and introduced gradually and the Metro is definitely one of the best run in the world today.

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