Jebel Ali Station Renamed UAE Exchange

The station at the end of the red line at Jebel Ali has been renamed ‘UAE Exchange’ after the company bought the branding rights earlier this year.

There has been a program of branding run by the RTA which enables prominent companies with the cash to spare to rename stations to publicise their own brand. This gives stations on the Dubai Metro which no longer have any reference to their location as there names. (you may know by now that we at are not overly impressed at these stations being named after companies, not giving any help to the unfamiliar end user as to where they might be located, albeit we are impressed with the ability of the RTA to make money from these branding rights.)

So the map has been updated again to incorporate this new station name and we will continue to monitor any further station name changes.

1 thought on “Jebel Ali Station Renamed UAE Exchange”

  1. Dear Sir,

    RTA has done a fabulous job by installing an air condition inside the bus stop at UAE Exchange / Jebel Ali

    Sorry to inform you that the inside the bus stop there are empty water bottles, empty cans, used tissue papers lying on the floor and also the floor is dirty. Request you to depute a cleaner and get the bus stop cleaned. I have also taken few photos inside the bus stop.

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