More Trains Added

This week sees the start of an increase in the number of trains that are running on the Dubai Metro.

Since the Metro was launched in 2009 the number of commuters using the trains has increased substantially and at rush hour people sometimes have to actually wait for trains to pass through and jump on the next one because they are too packed for more passengers.

Well from this week hopefully that congestion will be eased by the addition of 276 more weekly trips – 154 on the Red Line and 122 on the Green Line.

In the evenings the rush hour is even more busy than in the mornings and hopefully these extra trips will enable commuters to get home more quickly and in slightly more comfort.

Even at rush hour the trains run at intervals of less than 3 minutes so they will be even more frequent than this starting from this week.

If you notice a big change in the number of trains please get in touch and let us know – or perhaps this is only enough to ease congestion rather than actually fixing the problem completely.

2 thoughts on “More Trains Added”

  1. what is the quickest/ easiest way to get from CityMax Al Barsha to Oceana at Palm Jumeira with metro/ tram/ monorail?

    Can the depot end of the tram line be accessed on foot from CityMax? time?

    1. The quickest and easiest is to go the whole way by taxi I am afraid! You could get on the metro at Mall of the Emirates, change to the tram at the marina but the monorail does not go anywhere near Oceana so you would need to get a taxi at some point.

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