JLT Metro Station to be Renamed DMCC

Be prepared to once again not know where you are or where you want to go when another Dubai Metro station is given a name that nobody (apart from maybe a few people) will link with where it is located!

Readers of this website will know that we do get frustrated with the name changes that bring in a lot of money to the RTA but questionably add any value to the users of the Metro.

This latest name change will see JLT Metro station change its name to DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), who are the master developers behind the JLT community. Obviously this does give a lot of publicity to a company that many people may not have heard of so there is the benefit to the company (and obviously to the RTA).

However, if you look on a station map, or you are travelling on a metro train, and you see 3 stations in a row – Nakheel, Damac and DMCC – which are sponsored stations, you may not have any idea where abouts in the city you are, especially if you are a visitor.

The JLT Metro station interchanges with the tram (which will likely keep its name as it is usually not included in the sponsorship rights), so those two stations will likely now have different names where they interchange.

It will be easy enough for regular commuters to get used to the name change but is likely to confuse visitors and tourists.

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