Dubai Metro Tickets

Dubai Metro tickets must be purchased in the form of a Nol card. No other payment form is possible for the Metro. A Nol card is like a credit card that holds either a balance or a specific season ticket for travelling on a lot of the public transport in Dubai including the Metro, buses and the tram.

dubai metro tickets - silver nol cardThere are different types of Nol card so check out the section on Nol cards for which type of card is best for you. If you want to get a ticket for the Dubai Metro then you can buy Nol cards at all of the metro stations. You can also buy Nol cards at any other public transport stations and customer service centres.

No Cash Payments

You cannot pay by cash or credit card to travel on the Dubai Metro, you need to buy a Nol card. However, you can top your Nol card up using cash or credit card at each of the stations.

The prices for travel on the Dubai Metro, Tram and Buses are as follows:

Ticket Type 1 Zone or <3km 2 zones 2 Zones 3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams 6 dirhams 8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) 3 dirhams 5 dirhams 7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card) 1.50 dirhams 2.50 dirhams 3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket) 8 dirhams 12 dirhams 17 dirhams
Gold Class Pre-Paid 6 dirhams 10 dirhams 15 dirhams

You can work out how many zones you will travel through by checking out the Metro Map. Prices apply to the number of zones and do not take account of the actual zone numbers.

Standard tickets are those purchased by buying a red Nol card so are likely to be those charged to tourists or visitors. Pre-paid means where you have purchased a Silver, Blue or Gold Nol card.

Concessionary Nol cards are available to students, disabled and elderly people on registration and application. Standard Blue Nol cards have benefits including the purchase of season tickets.

Season Tickets

New season ticket passes were introduced with the opening of the Dubai Tram in 2014 and the prices are as follows:


Ticket Type 1 Zone 2 Zones All Zones
Annual Silver Class 1,060 dirhams 1,770 dirhams 2,670 dirhams
Quarterly Silver Class 330 dirhams 550 dirhams 830 dirhams
Monthly Silver Class 140 dirhams 230 dirhams 350 dirhams
Weekly Silver Class 50 dirhams 80 dirhams 110 dirhams
Daily Silver Class 20 dirhams
Annual Gold Class 2,120 dirhams 3,540 dirhams 5,340 dirhams
Quarterly Gold Class 660 dirhams 1,100 dirhams 1,660 dirhams
Monthly Gold Class 280 dirhams 460 dirhams 700 dirhams
Weekly Gold Class 100 dirhams 160 dirhams 220 dirhams
Daily Gold Class 40 dirhams


Metro One Day Pass or Not?

You should work out how many journeys you are likely to make in one day as a one day pass may be better. The one day pass also includes travel on the Dubai Tram and Dubai buses.

If you do not purchase a one day ticket you can still get charged more than 20 dirhams if you make a lot of journeys as travel is not capped at 20 dirhams unless you buy the one day ticket. You can find out more details about the One Day pass here.

The above tickets can only be purchased on particular Nol cards:

You can get the one day card on a Red ticket. You can get the weekly ticket on a Blue, Silver or Gold Nol card.

You can charge the Red ticket with up to 5 one day tickets – you need to buy each ticket on the day of travel and not in advance and it is only valid up until midnight of the day of purchase.

The remaining season tickets can only be purchased on a Blue Nol Card or a registered Silver or Gold Nol card.  Blue cards require an application form with ID and photo.

Therefore if you are travelling to Dubai as a visitor your only options for a season ticket are the day or weekly passes.


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  1. Hello, My daily route will be from Mall of Emirates to Al Qusais Metro Station ( Round Trip ).. Please advice which ticket should i go for ?!..

  2. Hi, I am travelling with my sister for 5 days to Dubai, 2 adults. Is that OK that we buy by credit card the silver NOL card for each day for the price :
    Daily Silver Class 20 dirhams

    MAny thanks for confirmation

    Brgds Zuzana

      1. Children under 5 are free. If the adults pay a day pass for gold class can the child under 5 ride also free in gold class?

    1. Sorry we don’t answer ticket price requests in comments as these can change in time. All the information is on the tickets page (here) and you can find the number of zones on the map page.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I am Traveling from Abu backer Sidiq to union and union to Business way then same return also
    how much charge will be deducted from my gold card for one trip

    1. Hi, all the information is available on this site – check the map for number of zones and ticket prices above that is relevant to that journey.

  4. Hi, i just want to know if how many zones would it come from Internet city station to Expo ? Is it 2 or 3 zones?

  5. Hello ,

    Please advise if I need to take journey from Burjuman to Union , or Burjuman to Baniyas .
    Do I need to take weekly 50 dirhams tickets or 80 dirhams ?

  6. I take the metro between Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall Gold class.
    Is it normal to pay 10 when I enter and 10 when I leaving the metro.
    Back and fourth is then 40 dirahm.
    Is this normal or I do it wrong?

  7. Hi Children also required to get one day card? If we buy Daily silver card (20 Dirham) then can travel to all zone, all transportation like Tram, Metro, Busses?

    1. Yes if they are over 5 they will need a Nol card. One day ticket does entitle you to travel all day on the tram, metro and bus.

      1. Hi, if I get a 2 zone monthly pass listed above, will I be allowed to use it for a 3 zone journey? What happens if I use it? Would my monthly allowance be reduced?

  8. Hi. Very nice and helpful page!
    We arrive in Dubai International Airport 3. We need to go to our hotel by bus. Can we take our luggage in the bus?
    We plan to stay in Dubai for 4 days and travailing in Dubai, going to Abu Dabi and back.
    Which type of Nol cards should we buy? Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards.

    1. You can take luggage as long as it is not excessive. You will need to buy tickets to Abu Dhabi as these are not covered by the Nol card.

      1. Hello

        A collegue is flying into the Dubai International Airport but is actually staying in Abu Dhabi. Could you please explain the difference between a “ticket” between the two cities and the Nol card? Is the ticket something that can be purchased at the airport in foreign currency?

        Thank you

        1. You can get a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for which you need to buy a ticket. The Nol card is only valid for travel within Dubai.

  9. Hello i would like to avail 30 days unlimited metro pass i came from Al Rigga to Dubai Internet City
    Dubai internet City to Al Rigga that’s my daily route.

    1. Hi, you will need to get your pass through the RTA. You will need to have a blue Nol card or a registered silver or gold card.

  10. hi, I will visit dubai for 3 day with my wife. My hotel near dubai internet city station. expecting metro usage twice once to budai mall and the other to mall of emirates.
    what is the best tickets should we buy?
    Can we use one card for both of us in the same ride?
    thank you

  11. Hi
    if i buy a weekly silver ticket for 2 zones ( 80 AED )
    is that i can use it as unlimited for 7 days for ZONE 2+Zone 6 ( mainly from Ibn Batoutta to World trace center ) + tram

    Pls advise

        1. Hi, it is for 7 days from purchase date so if you buy it on a Friday you are covered until the end of the following Thursday so you may need to buy an extra one day ticket for the 8th day.

    1. Hello,

      I am looking for a Noll card. I am planning to stay in Bur Dubai area and planning to use metro to visit all the tourists points in 7 Days.
      Which Noll card should I buy for me my husband and my 2 year old

  12. I want full access to travel in metro for next month. Kindlt guide me which pass should I opt for? I will be in Dubai for 4 weeks only

    1. Hi, you will need a registered Nol pass for purchasing a monthly pass. Otherwise you can purchase weekly tickets with a silver or gold Nol card. Ticket prices are shown above.

  13. Hi i recently upgraded my nol silver card to monthly pass. which is for 140 aed i got one more sale receipt of 30aed saying Acard registration. what is this charge for?

  14. Hello, I am 60 percent severely disabled and will be visiting Dubai for 7 days. As a tourist, can I get the blue Nol card for the disabled? Can I buy this card at the airport Terminal 3?

    1. Hi, people of determination who are tourists can apply for a blue Nol card for use in Dubai by supplying the following documents (according to the RTA):
      People of Determination (Resident & tourist):
      Both sides copy of the Emirates ID
      Personal photograph with a white background.
      Both sides copy of the People of Determination Card or Sanad Card (Resident).
      Tourist POD card, or any document issued by the competent authorities in the country to which he belongs, proving that he is a person of determination.
      However, the card does cost 70AED (including 20AED credit) so if you are only going to be visiting for a week it may not be worth the trouble of applying if you are not going to be using the Metro a lot.
      Also, the application process, despite saying visitors can apply, requires entry of the Emirates ID number, which visitors would not have, so I don’t know if this would work in practice. It also requires a delivery address within the UAE.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My room at Gold Souk, Gold – Deira and my office located at Near to
    Burjuman Metro Station ..
    I have work from Saturday to Friday and there is no time to out..
    Which metro Card is better to use and reduce my travelling expenses.. My room is located at near to Dubai Gold Souk, Gold metro Station..
    Please suggest me to find the solution for this travel from my office to room with cheap and best..

  16. Hii,

    I just want to know, how much gonna cost for monthly fare package from Al safa Metro station to Business Bay..

    technically these two stations are within two different zones, but these stations are closest stations..

    looking forward your helpful reply..

    1. That is a very good question. I would expect that, as long as each journey was within 2 adjacent zones then you would be Ok but I would get clarification from the RTA.

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