Public Transport Day 2015

Dubai Public Transport Day is holding its’ 6th annual event on 1st November this year with lots of prizes to be won by frequent travellers on Dubai’s public transit system.

However, this yea will be slightly different as there will not be any free rides allowed on Dubai Public transport on Public Transport Day 2015. It is not clear exactly why this is but with the opening of the Tram and many other transport services being expanded it may have become more complex to decide which services should be free and how to charge for others if they are not.

It is unclear whether free rides will come back again in future years or whether the new idea of lots of prizes for frequent travellers will be the way to go.

The RTA are also holding awareness sessions for issues to do with health and an open Gym at Burj Plaza from 3-6pm. In addition there will be multi discipline outdoor sports competitions held t the same location.

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