Green Line Extension Starting 2017

The extension to the Green Line of the Dubai metro will start in 2017 according to the RTA.

Bids for the work on the extension to the green line are currently being evaluated and will be decided on soon.

The extension will add more than 20km to the existing line and will pass through Ras al Khor and International City amongst other places.

There will be an additional 11 stations added to the Green line to serve lots more local communities who desperately need the connection to the wider area of Dubai.

Many of the areas are densely populated with many people earning in the lower levels of Dubai’s population, thus being a prime target for using the Metro lines both for commuting and for pleasure.

The planned extension will be completed by 2020, in time for the Expo, as per the plans from the Dubai Government to introduce a much wider public transport network by that date, for the large number of visitors expected to come to Dubai.

To get an idea of the green line extension please see the map below:

Dubai Metro Green line Extension
Dubai Metro Green line Extension

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