Dubai Metro Red Line Expansion

The RTA currently have a number of plans for the expansion of the Dubai Metro.

The fist tranche of these plans involves the expansion of the red line and the green line in time for Expo 2020 which will run for 6 months of the year.

The plan is to enable the large number of visitors that are expected to visit the Emirate for the Expo, to be able to use public transport for the majority of their journeys around the city.

This means that the metro needs to be extended to the site of the Expo 2020 location and with this in mind the red line will extend from the Nakheel Harbour and Tower station in the Jebel Ali area of Dubai, up to the Expo 2020 site.

There will be 7 stations in the red line expansion and these will cover some of the densely populated areas of Dubai and will therefor serve communities totalling 240,000 people.

It is anticipated that a trip on the red line from the Dubai marina to the Expo 2020 site, will take only 16 minutes on the Dubai Metro, using the new stretch of track, which will be over 14km long.

Below is a graphic showing the new stations extending out from Nakheel Harbour and Tower to the Expo 2020 site:

Dubai Metro Red Line Expansion
Dubai Metro Red Line Expansion

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    1. Hi Nour, we do not have any updates here other than the fact that the green line extension process has commenced but we do not know of any planned completion date for the expansion.

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