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There is a lot of confusion and we get asked a number of questions about the one day ticket for the Dubai Metro and other transportation services and so will try and set out the information below:

Dubai Metro Tickets

Can you buy the one day pass on a Silver Nol Card?

No you can only buy the one day ticket on the Red Nol card/ticket

Which transportation services in Dubai are covered by the one day ticket?

The one day ticket covers you for use on the Dubai Metro, tram and the buses but does not allow you to use any of the water services, e.g water bus.

How much does the one day pass cost?

Currently the one day ticket costs 20 dirhams per day for travel in standard class and 40 dirhams for travel in Gold Class. However, you will also need to buy the Red Nol card/ticket which costs 2 dirhams.

Is the one day ticket valid for 24 hours from when you buy it or until the end of service?

The one day ticket is valid until midnight on the day of purchase – therefore you need to be careful to finish your journeys by midnight and not when the actual service finishes, which may be later.

Is it valid for unlimited travel or is it capped?

Trips are not limited. You can travel as much as you like and make as many trips as you like on that day with a one day ticket.

How can I buy a one day ticket for the Metro?

You can buy a one day ticket at the booths in the Metro stations or at Customer Service Centres and Bus and Tram stations.

Do I have to buy a Red Nol ticket?

Yes, if you do not have a valid Red Nol card you will need to buy one for 2 dirhams.

If I don’t buy the one day pass will my trips be capped at 20 dirhams on my Silver Nol card?

No, you will be charged for all trips that you make if you do not buy the one day ticket. Therefore it may cost you more than 20 dirhams each day.

How many daily tickets can I load on the Red Nol card?

You can load each red Nol card up with a maximum of 5 one day tickets, after this you will need to buy a new Red Nol card.

How long is the Red Nol Card valid for?

The Red Nol ticket is valid for 90 days or after you have loaded it with the maximum number of trips, whichever is sooner.

Can I use the daily pass on all modes of transport?

Yes you can use it on the metro, tram and buses.

Can I link from Metro to Bus on the daily ticket?

Yes. For single trips that you buy on a Red Nol you can only use one means of transport at a time but when you purchase the one day pass you can link up journeys on all 3 modes of transport.

Can I buy the one day ticket in advance?

No, you can only buy the one day ticket on the day that you want to use it, you cannot buy it for later in the week.

Is the one day pass valid for all zones?

Yes the ticket is valid in all zones.

Hopefully this answers all of your questions on the one day ticket for Dubai that is bought on the Red Nol card. if you have any more questions please post them below.


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  1. Just one thing I would like to highlight after my travel to Dubai last month in regards to One day ticket (Red Ticket specifically) is Dubai RTA (metro, tram, bus included) is split into zones and there are around 4 zones. The red ticket if bought only for a single trip will be issued based on the zones between which you are travelling (Example: Dubai Marina to Burj Khalifa would be a two zone ticket) and once issued this ticket cannot be loaded with single-zone ticket or multi-zone ticket (more than 2 zones). In a case where you plan to travel around Dubai in a day across multiple zones go for the daily pass. I had to get into this issue since I travelled from Dubai Marina to Dubai Internet City (both in single zone) and later had to travel from Dubai Internet City to Burj Khalifa (both in different zones) and I was asked to buy another red ticket which cost extra 2 dirhams.

    These are the different zones and each would need a seperate red ticket unless you buy the daily pass
    1) Within 1 zone
    2) Two adjacent zones
    3) Multiple zones

    Would request the admin to highlight this point as it was unclear for me until I bought the tickets

    1. Hi Jasti, that is interesting information that we had not been made aware of thank you. It was our understanding that you should be able to buy up to 10 single tickets on the red Nol card provided you paid for the correct fare prior to the journey, regardless of whether they covered a different number of zones.

    2. I can confirm Jasti’s observations; they’re still true in July 2023. A red multi-zone ticket can be reloaded only for multi-zone travel, and not for single-zone or double-zone travel. Travel in a single zone requires a separate red nol card.

    1. Hi, a daily pass is bought on the red Nol card – you can get either silver or gold class tickets (gold class costs double and allows you in the gold class cabin)

  2. Hello. When the Red Ticket has already been topped with two daily passes and used that way, can it later be loaded again with smaller sum and used for a single metro trip(s) in subsequent days?

      1. Hello, I had a similar question as well. We plan to be in Dubai for 5 days and we might end up needing a daily pass for one day whereas the other days we will need just one ride so if I understand what you are saying, I will need to buy a red card load it as a daily pass for one day and on the other days buy another red card for one ride. The same red ticket cant be used in multiple modes as daily pass and single loads.

        1. Jasti, yes as we understand it you need separate red nol tickets for daily passes and single trips. You can add up to 5 daily passes to a red nol card or 10 single trips.

  3. Hi,
    I am going to buy Red Nol Card and load it up with day tickets. I want to use also water bus, which is not included in day ticket. Can I top up extra credit for water bus to the same Red Nol Card, which I will use for day ticket or do I have to buy new Red Noel Card just for water bus?

    1. Hi Tommy, as we understand it, you have to have separate red Nol cards for use with either single trip tickets or day passes so you will need an extra red Nol. You can have 10 single trips or 5 day trips loaded on a red Nol card.

  4. Hi, I am travelling for a holiday in December and will be 4 of us; 2 adults and 2 kids on 12 years. If I buy a Red Ticket and load 4 one day passes on it then can all 4 of us use one of those passes each or will we need to buy 4 Red Tickets.

  5. Hi, propably silver card is best option for us. We are staying 7-days in Dubai. There was mentioned water bus transportation. Is that included to silver pass or do we have to pay some extra? Is that nice way to see this place? That 7-days silver card cost 110 and it’s unlimited rides?

    1. The weekly ticket includes all rides on the metro, tram and buses. it doesn’t include marine transport although you can use the Nol card to pay for that if you top it up. The ferry is a nice way to see the city from the water and you can check out more info on the routes the ferry takes here.

  6. Hello, I arrive in Dubai Airport at 7:00 in the morning. Where can I buy the red nol card and a day ticket. Is it possible to buy at the ticket machine or in an office. If in an office, wehen do they open?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Dirk, yes you can buy them at the station – they have a ticket office or machine there. As long as you don’t arrive on a Friday they will be open when you arrive.

  7. I have some question about Red nol ticket. In Dubai I am going to travel from airport to Palm island and many bus/metro/tram stops. I have planned and calculated around 9 trips and total of 27 dirhams in one day. Which card shall I use, Red nol or Silver nol card? Please help.

    1. I think you have answered your own question – if you are going to spend 27 dirhams on travel in one day then you might as well get the one day ticket and as per above you can only get that on a red Nol card.

  8. Hi , i don’t know if its the correct platform , i will be in Dubai for three days; I would like to take metro from terminal 3 to Deira city; how many luggage is allowed in the metro and I got also a pram.thanks

    1. Hi, you can take luggage on the Metro as long as it is not too bulky and pushchairs are also permitted of course.

  9. Hello ,

    One day ticket

    I have read very carefully your advice, but can you bring me more information on the day pass.
    Are two people, must we take two cards at 2 dirhams?
    Was this card valid for a day?
    Or for several days?
    With the same card we can recharge it every day?
    We will be 10 days in Dubai.

    thank you in advance
    Jean Paul

    Bonjour ,

    One day ticket

    J ‘ai lu avec beaucoup d’attention vos conseils, mais pouvez vous m’apporter un complément d’information sur le pass d’une journée.
    Sommes deux personnes, devons nous prendre deux cartes à 2 dirhams?
    Cette carte était elle valable pour une journée?
    Ou pour plusieurs jour?
    Avec la même carte nous pouvons la recharger chaque jour?
    Serons 10 jours a Dubai.

    Merci d’avance
    Jean Paul

    1. Hi Jean Paul, each person must have their own ticket. You can recharge the red nol ticket with up to 5 one day tickets.

  10. Bonjour,nous sommes a dubai pour 1 jour ( escale ) nous arrivons le 16 mars a 19h alons prendre un hotel pour 1 nuit et le lendemain nous repartons a 14h50 .nous voulon allez voir la tour burj khalifa .pouvons nous prendre 1 carte rouge pour nous deplacer le soir et le a quel stations devons nous descendre.merci beaucoup

    1. Hi Veronique, not sure if I have totally understood. You can buy the red ticket and load it up for the journeys you need to make. You can get off at Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa station. it is advisable to book in advance if you want to go up the Burj Khalifa.

  11. I will be visiting Dubai for 3 days and will be using metro, tram and bus to move around. Which ticket will be my best option to buy ?

  12. Just to clarify since it appears to me that 1 day “pass” and “ticket” is used interchangeably.
    Did I understand correctly that buying a red ticker for 2 dirhams and buying a one day pass for 20 dirhams on that ticket will allow me to travel on all zones on trams, metros and buses.?

    i.e. physically we have one red NoI ticket with 1 day pass on it?

    Thank you for your help.

      1. Hai Admin, I have a plan to transit in Dubai…and I have applied my eVisa 48 hours to visit the city with my wife and my daughter, I would like to know if I want to buy 3(three) One day ticket and I have to buy only 1(one) Nol Red Card,,,is nt it?

          1. Admin, I have read about If I have bought 1 Nol Red tickets, and then I can buy 1 until 5 One Day Ticket (for 1 passenger until 5 pasenggers)

          2. Hi Roy, I’m sorry I don’t totally understand your question. You can have up to 5 one day tickets on one red nol card. Each person needs their own nol card to travel.

  13. Hi, for tourist visitors, if we need to take one week pass on Metro train do we need to go for Red Nol card of Silver Nol card.

  14. Hello madam regarding the ticket charge for kids, incase the child is 7 years old should we buy the daily pass of 20 AED or any concession is there ?

    1. We took the one day pass, but it did not work on Bus 105. The bus driver told us to buy a silver card instead.

      We ended up taking the taxi.

  15. Hi,
    I am travelling to Dubai for 6 days. I would like to travel via metro/bus, what type of card should I purchase, and what would be the cost? Will this cost cover multiple trips to different places, or only limited trips?

    1. Hi Swati, in order to work out what is best for you, you need to know the number of trips you will make. You can buy a 7 day pass but that may not be best if you are there for 6 days. Otherwise you can buy daily tickets if your journeys will cost more than 20 dirhams each day or else you could just get a silver Nol card and top it up for travel. Daily passes allow you to travel as much as you like in that day, otherwise you pay for each trip.

      1. Thanks for your reply. So if I buy a daily pass for 20 aed, I can have unlimited trips throughout the day, or is there a limit? And which card should I buy? If we are 2 people travelling, do I have to buy 2 cards, or one card will do? Thanks

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