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There is a lot of confusion and we get asked a number of questions about the one day ticket for the Dubai Metro and other transportation services and so will try and set out the information below:

Dubai Metro Tickets

Can you buy the one day pass on a Silver Nol Card?

No you can only buy the one day ticket on the Red Nol card/ticket

Which transportation services in Dubai are covered by the one day ticket?

The one day ticket covers you for use on the Dubai Metro, tram and the buses but does not allow you to use any of the water services, e.g water bus.

How much does the one day pass cost?

Currently the one day ticket costs 20 dirhams per day for travel in standard class and 40 dirhams for travel in Gold Class. However, you will also need to buy the Red Nol card/ticket which costs 2 dirhams.

Is the one day ticket valid for 24 hours from when you buy it or until the end of service?

The one day ticket is valid until midnight on the day of purchase – therefore you need to be careful to finish your journeys by midnight and not when the actual service finishes, which may be later.

Is it valid for unlimited travel or is it capped?

Trips are not limited. You can travel as much as you like and make as many trips as you like on that day with a one day ticket.

How can I buy a one day ticket for the Metro?

You can buy a one day ticket at the booths in the Metro stations or at Customer Service Centres and Bus and Tram stations.

Do I have to buy a Red Nol ticket?

Yes, if you do not have a valid Red Nol card you will need to buy one for 2 dirhams.

If I don’t buy the one day pass will my trips be capped at 20 dirhams on my Silver Nol card?

No, you will be charged for all trips that you make if you do not buy the one day ticket. Therefore it may cost you more than 20 dirhams each day.

How many daily tickets can I load on the Red Nol card?

You can load each red Nol card up with a maximum of 5 one day tickets, after this you will need to buy a new Red Nol card.

How long is the Red Nol Card valid for?

The Red Nol ticket is valid for 90 days or after you have loaded it with the maximum number of trips, whichever is sooner.

Can I use the daily pass on all modes of transport?

Yes you can use it on the metro, tram and buses.

Can I link from Metro to Bus on the daily ticket?

Yes. For single trips that you buy on a Red Nol you can only use one means of transport at a time but when you purchase the one day pass you can link up journeys on all 3 modes of transport.

Can I buy the one day ticket in advance?

No, you can only buy the one day ticket on the day that you want to use it, you cannot buy it for later in the week.

Is the one day pass valid for all zones?

Yes the ticket is valid in all zones.

Hopefully this answers all of your questions on the one day ticket for Dubai that is bought on the Red Nol card. if you have any more questions please post them below.


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  1. Two questions:
    – I need to buy 4 day tickets, so I need to buy 4 also 4 Red Nol Tickets or just need to buy 1 Red Nol Ticket and charge it with 4 day tickets?
    – Can I go to the Expo area with the one day ticket?
    Best regards
    Alberto (Portugal)

    1. If the day tickets are for the same person on different days then you can buy them all on one red nol but for different people you need separate nol cards. Yes you can get to Expo 2020 on a day ticket.

  2. Is there also a special children’s rice for the one day ticket? If yes, how much, and till what age are you considered a child?

    1. Children 5 years old and below travel rfee, otherwise they are full price (unless they have a blue student nol card)

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the great information. I have a question to ask.
    I plan to stay in Dubai for less than one and half day. Therefore I would like to buy one day pass. For the other day, may I use the same Red Nol card and then reload one or two trips on the other day ?
    Thank you.

      1. The Red Nol ticket is valid for 90 days or after you have loaded it with the maximum number of trips, whichever is sooner.

        Can I load the Red Nol ticket with one day ticket and two trips and use the one day ticket in the first day and use two trips in the second day ?

        1. You can only load the same type of ticket on the red nol card so you will need separate ones for daily tickets and trips.

  4. I bought a regular one day pass today, for 22 AED (includes card), but was refused to travel on RTA bus 105 from the Emirates Mall to the Miracle Garden, and that I would need to buy upgrade to gold one day pass in order to use the bus. Furthermore, at the RTA bus station I was told that they would not accept cards but only cash, so I just was unable to do it. Can you confirm that this information is correct and where I can find it in your website? Are there other RTA buses excluded from the regular one day pass?

    1. The one day ticket is only valid in the main city area so you cannot use it to places such as Miracle Garden or Global Village as they fall out of that area and you will need to buy a separate ticket.

  5. Hi there. I am a little confused, and I hope you guys can help me. I am planning to visit Dubai for one week and am hesitant to buy a red Nol card or the silver one. I will be using public transport a lot, so I will need a daily or weekly pass for sure. Here are my questions:
    1-If I get a red Nol card and have a regular daily pass (20 AED), can I top up the red Nol card for a ride and use the gold section of the metro on the same day? I just want to experience the gold class for one single trip.
    2-How can I pay for a trip to Global Village using a red or silver card? If I have a weekly/daily pass on a silver/red card, can I top up the card to pay for the Global Village bus?
    3-You said that for traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, we have to buy a separate ticket. How and where can I do that?
    4-If I buy a red Nol card and use 5 daily passes, can I use some other single trips?

    1. It sounds like you will need to get a silver nol card and a red nol card. On the red card you can get your daily passes (up to 5) – these can be gold or silver class passes. With a silver nol, you can use this to pay for other things (e.g. bus to global village, taxis etc) as long as you have topped it up with credit. You can buy the ticket to Abu Dhabi from the bus station. Once you have used the red nol for 5 daily passes you will need to buy another one. If you want to use the gold class for one journey then you would probably have to buy a red Nol and buy a ticket for that trip.

  6. I have silver nol card and want to get quarterly pass from ” DMCC to Business bay” (red line stn). what is the current cost ??

    Thanks & Regards’

  7. Hi

    I am visiting Dubai Marina for 7 days in June and was looking to purchase a Silver NOL weekly pass for the duration. But I would also like to use the Water Bus to travel to Bluewaters from Marina Mall. Can I add additional balance to the Silver NOL card to cover this or would I need a separate Red NOL card and could you please give me an idea of how much the return journey would cost on the water bus.

  8. We’ll spend 2 days in Dubai next February, a Saturday and a Sunday. Is the card rechargeable for the next day or have we to buy another one the second day?

          1. The one day ticket is only valid within Dubai as we understand it. You will need a Nol card to pay for the fare to Sharjah however.

  9. Hi,

    In Feb 2023, transiting via Dubai (DXB) and have a layover for 21 hours. Arriving around 1pm in DXB on Saturday 18th feb and connecting flight on Sunday at 9:45AM Sunday. Planning to visit the Dubai Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall . One Adult and One Kid (7 years). If we take metro from Dubai airport to Dubai Mall + Burj Khalifa.

    Do I need to buy a ticket for the 7 year kid also ?

    Red Nol Card + One Day Pass + Gold Pass for adult how much does it cost ?

    Red Nol Card + One Day Pass + Gold Pass for 7 year old kid how much does it cost ?

    1. Hi John, you can find all the ticket prices here. We can’t quote specific rates in comments as they can show incorrect information in the future when rates change. Yes, children over 5 need their own ticket, same price as an adult ticket. You may not need a one day ticket if you are just going to Burj Khalifa and back, only if you are making more trips that day. The one day ticket is only valid for a specific day, not 24 hours.

  10. Hi i will be transit at Dubai on May 2023 there is 19hour transit time.
    Is it good enough to use the one day Red Nol Ticket?
    Where can i buy and how much is that?
    What place are recommended and i have suffice time back to airport?
    I am Malaysian , do i need visa to enter? Flying with Emirates.

    1. Hi, the one day ticket is valid on a certain day, not 24 hours, so it depends if that time spans 2 days. You can buy the ticket at the metro station. There are plenty of places within an hour of the airport so as long as you can exit the airport then you should be OK. Sorry we have no knowledge of visa requirements.

  11. Hi, I will be visiting Dubai in Jan 2023 for 5days. There are 2 adults and 2 kids (Age 3 and 5). Our hotel is located in the green metro line “Al Jadaf metro station”, but we will be going to and from the Green lines to Red metro lines during all the 5days.
    so should all 4 of us have four Red Nol ticket (2dhrs) + one day pass (20dhrs) for our travel. Am I right?

    If I am wrong can u pls tell which ticket should I purchase to travel every day between zones and metro, bus, tram transportation.

    1. The children will travel free but the 2 adults will need the red Nol with one day tickets for the days you travel if the one day is cheaper than the separate fares.

  12. Hi! Will a one-day pass be valid for a specific day or 24 hours? I’m arriving in Dubai at night and leaving the next night. I plan to travel around Dubai during the day I stay in Dubai. I don’t know whether I should buy it at the time (at night) I arrive or on the day I plan to travel (the next morning).

  13. May I know the difference between Standard Class (20 AED) and Gold Class (40 AED).
    In Standard Class, can I use the subway, tram and bus unlimited in 1 day?

    1. Apologies for the delay in replying. Both one day tickets allow you to travel all day but Gold ticket is in the gold class carriages and silver in standard carriages.

    1. For the ferry and abra you can use a Nol card to pay for your trip or else for the ferry you can buy tickets at the marine transport station with cash or card.

        1. You can use the one day pass on metro, bus and tram. If you mean the monorail on the Palm then no, this is not covered by the Nol card.

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