Dubai Metro – New Year 2022/23

New Year’s Eve at the Burj Khalifa is always busy!

The Metro station at Dubai Mall/ Burj Khalifa may close early on New Year’s Eve once the Dubai Mall area has reached capacity. It could close any time between 2pm and 10pm.

This tends to happen each year so that the area does not become over crowded, so people are advised to arrive in the area early if they are planning on watching the firework display that takes place there. The fireworks display is one of the biggest in the world and there are always a large number of people congregating in the area.

The Metro is usually open the whole night for New Year’s Eve so that people can get home at any time of the night after the celebrations. It tends to be open from the morning of New Year’s Eve until the night of 1st January non-stop. We haven’t yet seen any announcements that this is the case for this year (2022/23) but we don’t see any reason why that will not be the case again this year. We will update when we have further info on the operation times for the metro.


The Metro will run non-stop from the morning of 31st December (5am) until midnight on 1st January, so a total of 43 hours non-stop.

See the announcement on all public transport timings here.


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